not avaluable in german app store any more...

Bernd Sippel 5 år siden opdateret af hherz 5 år siden 2

hey guys,

I have recommended baiboard now for at least 7 years in my workshops for teachers.

many people use it, thousands of teachers in my workshops, more then fivehundred schools.

now its not avaluable in the german app store any more...

are you kidding???

there are so many people who need that tool now because they trusted you that you will never stop that service...

so... where is it???

please come back 🤗

best regards,


It is no longer available in the United States either.  I have emailed the ask@baiboard.com but have received no answer.  :( 

Even worse!! As per today, the baiboard.com server doesn't seem to be available any more ( here in Germany??). A funny webpage sells the domain?

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