Keyboard shortcut support

Mark 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

I believe that this might be on the 1.1 road map but key commands for the main tools would be great. After many years of hitting z for zoom and v for pointer and b for brush, those options are muscle memory.

In the heat of giving a live whiteboard session I know I reach for those out of habit. Please delete this if you've already made plans for this.

And I'd love to pay for this app. Or have my company pay for it. Or both ;-)

I should have mentioned this but the goal when remotely white boarding for me is for the viewer to focus on what I'm saying and showing to the exclusion of everything else. Ideally I want to change colors and tools seamlessly without the viewer even thinking of the mechanics of it, let alone see it. The only things that they see and hear are what I want to have happen. Nothing else. Everything timed so there's only one thing to think about and remember at a time.