BaiBoard is the most innovative collaborative drawing application on Mac and iOS platform today. Connected with back-end services on the cloud, BaiBoard enables both consumers and enterprises to collaborate, share, publish, store, retrieve any diagrams. 

It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using BaiBoard. 


Multi-user page synchronization?

Anonymous 9 years ago 0
It would be nice if users could opt-in to page synchronization (i.e. if one user advances to a new page, everyone who has opted-in advances)

Some tips to make this app top of the hill!

Anonymous 12 years ago updated by Kevin Neubauer 11 years ago 1

Some tips to make this app top of the hill!

1) Add drawing of Polylines (1 long connected line)

2) Add drawing of Cloud shapes

3) Add drawing of Arrows, or change the start/endpoint of lines (arrow, dot, circle, slash etc...)

4) Multitouch: Extra button left or right bottom, if that is continually pressed with another finger, lines only are drawn in ortho (horizontal & vertical, like Autocad)

4) Undo + Redo

5) Easier entrance to settings + please do not combine all draw settings in one menu! It is so not clear this way.
   For Example press & Hold on rectangle should show a popup window just like the 'icons' button, there you can adjust only rectangle settings. That would be so much easier.

6) Windows version

7) Web version (OS independant)

8) Have to think about that...


Error 3

Anonymous 12 years ago updated by Kyle Liu 11 years ago 6


When I try to open a new board I am getting an error 3 and a message saying baiboard cannot connect to the server. Any ideas?

Kyle Liu 11 years ago

Two possible causes for your connectivity issue:

1. You should make sure your firewall is not blocking the following server/ports:

Host: *

Port: 80, 443 and 26273

2. If you are behind authentication proxy server, this could also cause connectivity issue. BaiBoard doesn't currently have proxy sever support yet, but we plan to add it into our next month release.