BaiBoard is the most innovative collaborative drawing application on Mac and iOS platform today. Connected with back-end services on the cloud, BaiBoard enables both consumers and enterprises to collaborate, share, publish, store, retrieve any diagrams. 

It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using BaiBoard. 


Larger text entry / whole page text entry

bsiever 4 years ago 0
It would be nice if there were whole-page text entry. That is, if there was a mode that allowed the entire page to work somewhat like a traditional word processor (only editable by a single user at a time, but updating live). Other users could draw annotations over the text as it was being entered.

How do you set up a Meet?

IanR 5 years ago • updated by 4 years ago 2
I realize that this is a very basic question and I have clearly missed something really obvious, but I would really appreciate your help. The app looks really nice, but I have no idea how you can use it to collaborate with others. I have looked around your website, but have not found any meaningful hints. Can you let me in on the secret, please?
Kyle Liu 5 years ago


Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Kyle Liu 6 years ago 1
Fix image library, can't import images from photo library

arched lines!!

Anonymous 3 years ago 0
make the lines arch-able. So you can use the clean look of the icon without having to draw a shaky line.

How the heck do you erase with selecting and deleting?

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Kyle Liu 6 years ago 1
Kyle Liu 7 years ago
Thanks for use BaiBoard. You don't need to clear the entire board. 

For BaiBoard on Mac, just select diagrams then press the delete/backspace key on keyboard to delete the selecteds.

For BaiBoard on iPad, there are two ways to delete the diagrams. 1.  select diagrams then tap the "delete selected" tools on toolbar. 2. long tap the selected diagram until the menu popup then select the delete menu item.

The two links pointing to the screenshots of these two operations. Hope this is helpful for you.

In the meantime, If there is any other questions that we can further help just feel free to let us know.


Can we (1) duplicate a page and (2) save the entire board as pdf?

Anonymous 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 4

record option

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
This is a really great app but i'd love to be able to make videos as well!

Love this app but it doesn't work for my LINUX users :(

Anonymous 4 years ago 0
We are primarily Mac where I work and we love this app because it works so well with Mac.  I have quite a few engineers on LINUX though and they can't use this.  Please help!!!

A pointer would be great

Anonymous 6 years ago • updated by Kyle Liu 6 years ago 0

.. to point to elements on the board

Kyle Liu 6 years ago

I assume you are using BaiBoard on Mac rather than the iPad version. 

Request noted, we will consider adding this one in.