BaiBoard is the most innovative collaborative drawing application on Mac and iOS platform today. Connected with back-end services on the cloud, BaiBoard enables both consumers and enterprises to collaborate, share, publish, store, retrieve any diagrams. 

It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using BaiBoard. 


How do you close a meet? If I delete it from my iPad students still have access.

jkokladas 2 years ago 0

If I start a meet for work with students I want to be able to end the meet. I can delete the meet from my iPad bu the students still have access. How to I stop/cancel the meet.


Your app in the list

Artem 2 years ago 0

My name is Artem, founder of

We've reviewed your "BaiBoard – Collaborative Whiteboard" app and put it in 12 Free Interactive Whiteboard Apps for iPad:

If you have a "mentions" page somewhere - we will be pleased to get a link to this post.


Keyboard shortcut support

Mark 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1

I believe that this might be on the 1.1 road map but key commands for the main tools would be great. After many years of hitting z for zoom and v for pointer and b for brush, those options are muscle memory.

In the heat of giving a live whiteboard session I know I reach for those out of habit. Please delete this if you've already made plans for this.

And I'd love to pay for this app. Or have my company pay for it. Or both ;-)


How is the Voice conference supposed to work?

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

How is the Voice conference supposed to work? I met up with another ipad and was sable to communicate via chat and voice recordings. The white board was working well. But clicking the phone icon resulted in nothing. There was a menu that popped up with "calling"


Could we copy/duplicate an entire board and save it as a new board?

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Sandra Daza 2 years ago 2

I agree recording option would be great.

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Kyle Liu 6 years ago 6
Kyle Liu 7 years ago
Thanks for your feedback. It's on our road map, and will be supported in the 2.0 version.


talk - does it work?

Anonymous 6 years ago • updated by Kyle Liu 6 years ago 3

How does Hold to Talk work?   I pressed hold to talk, recorded something, and it showed up in the chat history.  But I can't "play" the sound.

Kyle Liu 6 years ago

It's recommended that you use headphone while using push-to-talk.