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1. From your Board, do a "Start Meet"
2. From the Meet, do a "Save as local board"
It should work just fine as far as we can tell - Do you have problems with all PDFs or just a few files of yours? Have you tried both Dropbox and Google Drive?
You could set a password when you turn on presentation mode, only the ones who can enter the password could turn it off.
You could have multiple meetings going on at the same time, but you can only see one at any given time. To switch from one meeting to another, go back to home screen and tap on the other one.
That's our current implementation. At some point, we may implement the other type eraser.
Start the BaiBoard app on your iPad or Mac, go to "join meet" and enter the email # provided to you.
It's a valid request and on our roadmap. However, it's not currently supported.
Thanks for the suggestion.

The suggested feature is already on our roadmap although we don't have a definite timeline on its delivery yet.
We had a server side issue earlier today, which was the cause of your connectivity problem.

It's been fixed, please give it another try.