BaiBoard is the most innovative collaborative drawing application on Mac and iOS platform today. Connected with back-end services on the cloud, BaiBoard enables both consumers and enterprises to collaborate, share, publish, store, retrieve any diagrams. 

It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using BaiBoard. 


Is it possible to duplicate an entire page?

Luigi 5 лет назад 0

Voice dialing

Frans 7 лет назад 0

why is in the new version of baiboard the voice dialing disappeare


How do I setup BaiBoard on the Mac and iPad to view the same whiteboard?

spytech128 8 лет назад 0

How can I delete a custom icon collection I previously created?

Анонимный 8 лет назад 0

Do all participants need BaiBoard?

Анонимный 9 лет назад 0
This looks like an efficient way to enhance online/phone meetings.  My question is:  Do I need to have everyone using the same software?  

Resize of elements would be create

Анонимный 11 лет назад обновлен Kyle Liu 11 лет назад 4

I would like to resize selected elements and maybe rotate them also. 

Kyle Liu 11 лет назад

Are you using BaiBoard on Mac or iPad? 

Resizing selected element is already supported, please give it another try. Rotation could be supported in future releases. 


Is there a way to get a larger page?

Jimmy Zimmerman 9 лет назад 0
I would like to use BaiBoard to make some large drawings (like what could be done on a full-size whiteboard). Is there a way to make a page larger?


Анонимный 12 лет назад обновлен 11 лет назад 5
I just discovered this app.  Really like it!  Having trouble with it crashing when I click undo, though.  Running on new ipad



Bug with the order of objects.

Анонимный 11 лет назад обновлен Kyle Liu 11 лет назад 1

Arrows drawn on top of an imported image show up behind the image when the board is opened again.  I can't figure out to reorder overlapping objects.  Is it possible?

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